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India being the culturally rich country has something magnificent that attracts the tourist from all around the world here. India has so much to offer to the world in terms of its culture and natural beauty ranging from the colourful and vibrant Rajasthan to the back waters of Kerala to the beautiful Himalayas stretching from north to the far west. Most people tend to travel in the northern region of India and specially Kashmir. There are various Kashmir holiday packages that are available from all the major cities of India.

Basically we call NorthIndia as Uttar Bharat and it comprises of the northern part of India which include northern and most of eastern India and the Indus Valley of Pakistan. The Himalayas are the beautiful mountain rangein India that serves as the crown for the nation and thus visited by thousands of people from all around the globe. Therefore you can find various travel agency offering Kashmir holiday tour packages for both domestic as well as international tourists. Kashmir is also known as the Switzerland of india and some consider it to be more beautiful that Switzerland.

Hundreds of thousand tourists flew each year from all around the globe to visit this magnificent place of India and the Kashmir tour operator helps them to explore more of the place. Kashmir is not only visited by the international tourist but hundreds on Indian tourist also come to explore this valley. These tour operators offer affordable Kashmir holiday packages for international as well as domestic tourists.Maximum of the tourist visit Kashmir for their honeymoon and thus opt for Honeymoon packages for Kashmir as Kashmir is considered to be the most romantic places in India. Therefore explore more the beautiful valley Fold Mountains and natural flora and fauna by subscribing to a Kashmir tour packages.

Kashmir: The Warmest Place On Earth

We present to you the most stunning feature of Kashmir, the Warmest Place on Earth

NO! Its not about the snowy peaks, gurgling streams and winding treks. Watch this moving film TILL THE END, to discover and celebrate a different side of:

“Kashmir, the #WarmestPlaceOnEarth.”


  1. Which season is the best to travel Kashmir? I am looking for a budget Kashmir tour package in month of August 2015. I need a complete package details of 6 to 7 days including air fair from Kolkata.

    1. All the seasons are best to visit Kashmir. You will see different shades of valley in all seasons. However according to statistics best time to visit Kashmir is during the months of March to August.

      During this period two seasons are covered in Kashmir. Spring (March-early May) and Summer (early May-late August). The blossoms of spring and the cool weather of summer creates the perfect season to visit Kashmir during this time.

      Hope this information helps you to make your reservations. Jazzmin Travel expert team will send you all essential information on your email id. We have all kind of Kashmir tour packages for all kind of needs. We may offer you 100% customize package as well if required. Please write us on email and share your contact number so that our team could assist you to choose best package for your honeymoon.

      Thanks – Team Jazzmin

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