Cheap Kashmir Tour Packages from Jazzmin Travels

“Nobody knows Kashmir better than us” – Jazzmin Travels

Kashmir is referred as “Heaven On Earth“by one of the most famous poets of medieval period “Amir Khusro”. Jazzmin Travels is the most trusted and famous travel partner for all kind of Kashmir tour packages. Lakes, mountains, trap of rivers everywhere, snow peaked mountains, India’s highest rope ride, temples, mosques, nature, craft and many more. Yes it is Kashmir. Explore hidden jewels of Kashmir valley with Jazzmin Travels. There is no better place to plan your Travel. It has been a place for major tourist attraction from many years for both national as well as international tourist.

Whatever the reason may be but it’s a fact that every person wishes to visit this beautiful land of Kashmir once in their lifetime.  At “Jazzmin Travels” we help you make you dream of visiting Kashmir come true. We assist you in exploring the city by providing different Kashmir holiday tour packages. Cultivated from the single fact to empower the traveller to explore Kashmir, Jazzmin Travels had landed with different customizable Kashmir tour packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata for all kind of budgets. Moreover, we aim to offer the best value products and services to our customers and dedicated round the clock customer support.

Our innovative and customizable Kashmir holiday packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata make sure that each customer has a holiday that is packed with unmatched fun, entertainment and pleasure. You can choose from the different packages that are as per yours wish and budget. We also specialize in honeymoon packages that helps the newlywed couple to rejuvenate their love in the beautiful valley of Kashmir as Kashmir is well known for its exotic and romantic locations and natural beauty.

What is so special about Kashmir Tour Packages offered by Jazzmin Travels? We are Srinagar based Kashmir tour operator and “Nobody knows Kashmir better than us”. Being Srinagar based Kashmir tour operator there is no middle man between you and us to address your needs. Pay exactly as you want while planning for Kashmir tours. Choose everything as per your requirement from type of hotel, meal plans, boats, small cabs to big sedans, guide and places to visit as per your convenience.

Why Jazzmin Travels?

Here we work with five basic principles that help us to connect with our customers more freely than any other travel agency. The five basic principles are

Transparency: We are a non biased agency that is we are not biased towards any hotel or guest houses. Each and every aspect regarding the hotel is kept transparent to the customers. We make sure to provide you with all the information and options that are available. With us it simple “What you see is what you pay for”.

Choice:  We provide different deals and offers that help you to find the best and most appropriate package that fits your budget.

Convenience: Jazzmin Travels is a one-stop solution for all your travel needs, it allows you to view all deals on a single website – www.kashmirtour-packages.com. You can also contact us on our customer care number that is mentioned on the website.

Savings: With the deals and packages that are offered by us, you are sure to save money. We offer you with some of the best deals that are available and all the credit goes to the various alliances that we have entered into with leading hotels in Kashmir, and Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata.

Security: At Jazzmin Travels we understand your need to transact in a safe and secure environment. All your information that is provided to us is kept secure and protected with us.

All in all we take care of all your travel needs and are available 24/7 to assist you. We take immense pleasure in making your trip an experience that you will cherish for your life time.

“Nobody knows Kashmir better than us” – Jazzmin Travels