Kashmir honeymoon packages Vs Kashmir tour packages

Breath holding Kashmir Tour Packages by Jazzmin Travels

Kashmir tour packages, Kashmir holiday packages, Kashmir trip packages and many more such packages. All of them are the same or is there is any difference in these packages? The answer is pattern of searching Kashmir packages by the people over the search engines on internet. Different people use different keywords while searching for Kashmir tour packages over internet. Like Kashmir holiday packages, Kashmir tour packages, Kashmir trip packages etc are more or less are the same thing. It is only the difference of writing keywords by different keywords but the motive of search is same.

But the big question is if there is any difference in above Kashmir travel packages and “Kashmir honeymoon packages”? The answer is YES. When we talk about the honeymoon what comes in our mind? Why the traveler has searched for Kashmir honeymoon package rather than he can type and search Kashmir holiday packages or Kashmir tour packages? Is there is anything special which the traveler is wishing while looking for honeymoon packages.

A honeymoon travel or tour is very special to every person life. It comes only once in a lifetime for every person. However some people enjoy it more than once LOL. Never mind we talk here in general and it comes only once in a lifetime. There will be many travel occasions but every person want something special something extra on their honeymoon. Here come the honeymoon packages or Kashmir honeymoon packages to be exact in the picture.

In a honeymoon package person wants more comfort, everything right in place, and some added flavors which make their honeymoon special. Added flavors may includes:

  1. Bed flower decoration
  2. Chocolate bucket
  3. Candle light dinner
  4. Candle light dinner with champagne
  5. Candle light dinner with dedicated live music
  6. Honeymoon cake and fruit punch
  7. Surprise Bouquet arrangement
  8. Arrangement of special rides depends upon location like boat cruise, luxury drive, helicopter ride, safari rides etc. For Kashmir it could be a luxury Shikara ride in Dal Lake.
  9. Spa and massages
  10. Dedicated car and driver for 24×7 to get you on drive anytime
  11. Any sudden request made my couple
  12. Room with attached bathtub / Jacuzzi / private pool etc.

Travel agent/operator can play a pivot role to make honeymoon special. High quality service is very much required to make the couple first travel unique and unforgettable for their life time.

Jazzmin Travels has a unique expertise and vast experience of Kashmir honeymoon packages. All honeymoon packages crafted by Jazzmin are tailor made as per the exact requirements from honeymoon couples. Click here for a free quote for your Kashmir Trip.

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