Kashmir Tour Packages For Couples

Jazzmin Travels welcomes you to come and see beauty of Kashmir valley

Kashmir Tour Packages For Couple

I got a call from a newly wedded couple from New Delhi in April 2018 for an inquiry of their honeymoon tour. Interestingly in the middle of conversation they asked me what is so special about Kashmir and asked me to describe Kashmir in one line. I replied them that Kashmir is a real heaven having majestic lakes, spellbound atmosphere, enticing appearances, jaw-dropping views, lush greenery, snow-capped mountains, unbelievably lovely, indescribable grandeur, breathtakingly views, spectacular, extremely picturesque, rich meadow, partly covered with lindens, walnut and willow trees, alpine lodges and never ending words to express the beauty of valley. The weather is very conducive for the tourists to take delight in the sights, sounds and smell of this idyllic land.

“Kashmir” an amazingly beautiful place and must be seen once in your life. There is no need to glorify the significance and beauty of #Kashmir to you, it’s already well known to every person on earth. Jazzmin #Travels offers you their services to explore the beauty of the valley. See Kashmir from Jazzmin way and explore the hidden jewels of valley. We craft the every bit of Kashmir tour package as per your requirements whether it’s your honeymoon, adventure trip, family get together, weekend breakthrough, corporate tour or religious trip. We take care and address every bit of your needs exactly the way you want. Visit our website www.kashmirtour-p ackages.com and ask for a free quote of your Kashmir Travel.

Kashmir Tour Packages For Couples


A perfect Kashmir tour package will be the best wedding gift for your spouse. Seeing extreme satisfaction and joy on your partner face is priceless for a newly wedded couple. At Jazzmin we try to include many of the surprise elements which can make your honeymoon extraordinary. Personalized designer cake, room flower decoration of your choices and romantic candle light dinner in a cliff of mountain, or in the side of river in deep valley or in the Shore of Dal Lake.

For example imagine a situation: you have gone for the sightseeing and after the log day you came back to your hotel / houseboat at night. You have opened the door of room and find your room awesomely decorated with candles and flowers. At the time of dinner you can surprise your partner with designer photo cakes. A bottle of champagne will definitely enhance the excitement.

There are many more surprise elements for couples when you book your honeymoon packages in Kashmir with Jazzmin Travels.
For hassle free and make your honeymoon tour special please visit to our website http://www.kashmirtour-packages.com and ask for your customized Kashmir honeymoon package right now. We at Jazzmin travel are committed to give your best services and make your honeymoon memorable as you have never imagined.

Click for FREE QUOTATION: http://www.kashmirtour-packages.com/make-a-reservation/

Call +91-9596322322 or email at jazzmintravels@gmail.com for any Kashmir travel requirements.

Think Kashmir – Think Jazzmin
“Nobody knows Kashmir better than us”

Kashmir: The Warmest Place On Earth

We present to you the most stunning feature of Kashmir, the Warmest Place on Earth

NO! Its not about the snowy peaks, gurgling streams and winding treks. Watch this moving film TILL THE END, to discover and celebrate a different side of:

“Kashmir, the #WarmestPlaceOnEarth.”

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