Kashmir Tour Packages For Family

Kashmir Holiday Packages

Kashmir Tour Packages For Family

Make some time for you and your family and give them a gift of breath taking view of mountains, snowfalls, Lake Shikara ride, tulip gardens, apple orchids and many more. You are absolutely right about the destination, yes its Kashmir. What else could be more beautiful than Kashmir? If you have not seen Kashmir then you have seen nothing.

Family is the most important part of everyone life. And one should do everything to make their family happy and travelling is one of the important activities to revive happiness of the family. As per the great Dalai Lama “once a year go some place you’ve never been before” hence everyone must travel once in the year. Travel is the best method of purifying of life stagnancy.

Best time to visit Kashmir

Awesome shades of Kashmir valley in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

If you have not visited Kashmir till yet then you should plan you next visit to Kashmir. Kashmir is all weather destinations. Valley of Kashmir looks so stunning and extremely picturesque in all seasons. You can see beautiful tulip gardens in April whereas you can enjoy ski and snow in winters.
Now the question is why Kashmir is perfect destination for family travellers?

In family vacation difference of age is the biggest factor to address all their needs for travel. You can categories family through generations. Normally there are 3 types of families based on generations.

Type of families

1. Two level generation family: It includes parents and children i.e. nuclear families mostly live in metro cities due to job or other employments factors. Their native place is away from the current stay. Mostly they have 3-5 member family.

2. Three level generation family: It consist grandparents, parents and children. It can be big joint family and have many members as well.

3. Four level generation family: It includes grand grandparents, grandparents, parents and children. It could have many members in a family group. These types of groups mostly prefer pilgrimage tours due to majority of elderly people in the family.

A family vacations becomes perfect when it fulfil the need of people of all age group. Travel could be adventurous, serener, peace finding, nature loving, religious, pilgrimage etc to fulfil the criteria of all age groups and Kashmir is one of the few places in India having all the aspects for all members of the family.

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What could be the better place for couples rather than Kashmir – paradise on earth. Along with that there are lots of temples, gurudwaras and mosque for the pilgrimage purpose in Kashmir. Amarnath cave of lord Shiva, Mata Vaishno Devi temple, Shankracharya math, Jamia masjid in Srinagar, Gurudwara Manji Sahib, Srinagar Mattan Sahib Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi, Village Beeg Biar Gurdwara Kalamare are one of the famous pilgrimage of Jammu and Kashmir. For youth and children there are lots of places of fun and adventure. I am sure that world famous Gandola cable car will thrill every member of the family and at the top of Gandola station you will feel that you are at the highest place on the earth. View is so captivating and extremely picturesque which cannot be described in words. Skiing, trekking, horse riding on high altitudes, Shikara ride, apple orchids, trout fishing, river rafting and many more adventurous activities are there in Kashmir which are enough to convince that Kashmir is one of the finest places on earth for family vacations.

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Think Kashmir – Think Jazzmin
“Nobody knows Kashmir better than us”

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