Planning Family Vacation? Think Kashmir. Why Kashmir is No 1 Destination For Family Trips?

A perfect destination is the biggest challenge while finalizing vacations with family. Destination should be in that way that it fulfills the taste of all family members suitable for all age group of people whether it is male or female. However sometimes it depends upon person to person that what he / she prefer to go no matters what is their age or gender. We are discussing here in general point of view.

The taste of place is different to all persons in the family. For example elderly people in the family prefers the places from aesthetic or religious fulfillment point of view like famous temples, mosques, churches or gurudwaras. More or less they want some religious activities and spirituality in their vacations along with the sightseeing. Middle aged persons specially couples or young couples prefers to go romantic destinations full of sightseeing so that they could spend some time with their partner in good atmosphere and view of the destination. Kids or youth generally finds the adventurousness along with the view and natural atmosphere of the destination. They prefer activity rich places or seeing man made or nature made marvels rather than just seeing the nature. So now you can understand that taste of place if different for each member in the family due to different age groups. It is not like that elderly do not wish to go with nature rich sightseeing or adventures or kids do not want to see religious places, it depends upon person to person as well. But what if there would be a place which fulfills taste of requirements of all age group persons in the family?

Kashmir is such a perfect destination which fulfills needs of each age family members. Kashmir is full of religious places, loaded with natural beauty with having blast of adventurous activities. Culture rich place, traditional markets, Shikara rides, gondola ride – world’s highest cable rope ride, snow peak mountains, apple gardens, tulip gardens, skiing in Sonmarg and Gulmarg, horse rides in mountain peaks, trap of rivers everywhere, glaciers, lakes, monasteries what not else.

Kashmir is one of the only tourist destinations in India which fulfils requirements of each member of the family no matter which age group he or she belongs to. Come and visit Kashmir once and see the beauty of mother nature.

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