Why Kashmir is perfect place for family vacations?

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Kashmir is a rich of culture, natural beauty, adventures, trekking, sightseeing, romantic and aesthetic place which makes it perfect for family vacations. Why is destination important when it comes to family vacations? Or how family vacations are different from other vacations.

There are normally 4 kinds of vacations

  1. Family vacations
  2. Couple vacations or group of couples
  3. Vacations with group of friends
  4. Corporate tours

In all vacations you will find the travellers with same age group except family vacations. Only in family vacations you will find a lot of difference in age groups in members. In family vacations you will find members based on generations. There are 3 levels of generations in family vacations.

  1. Two Generation Family Group: In majority it varies to 2 generation of family e.g. parents with children
  2. Three Generation Family Group: It involves grandparents, parents and children
  3. Four Generation Family Group: It involves grand grandparents, grandparents, parents and children. This group is normally travels to pilgrimage tours because of the raising elderly persons.

Family vacations destinations become ideal when it fulfill the requirements and interest of all age group members. There are very places in India which fulfill criteria of all age group members at the same time and Kashmir is one of the top destinations in this scale.

In Kashmir there a lots of temples, mosques and gurudwaras which fulfill requirements of elderly members of the family. For couples what could be a better place rather than Kashmir – paradise on earth. Kashmir is a perfect romantic destination in India. For youth and children there are lots of place and activities in Kashmir which they will enjoy the fullest. World famous Gandola cable ride thrills every member of the family. Trekking, skiing, horse ride, shikara ride, apple orchids, gardens and many more activities are there in Kashmir which fulfills all the requirements for all age of members.

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